Welcome to Stormwind University!

Teachers, students, researchers, explorers, and heroes of the Alliance: welcome to our University! Whether you're here to learn or to share your knowledge, you will be continuing a grand tradition. Join us and help bring the light of knowledge and understanding to Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor!

((Stormwind University is a heavy role-playing guild on the Wyrmrest Accord (Americas) realm.))

Public Events

To Join:

First, understand we accept only professors as members; there is no "student" rank!

Next, read the following documents:
You can also review the Stormwind University Campus Map for an IC sense of our University.

Finally, click Apply to Guild to register an account and complete an IC and OOC application.  This application will be auto-posted to our forums, and approved once we've had a chance to review it.  You may also be asked to complete a short in-game interview.

If you have any questions, feel free to whisper the officers in-game:

  • Amaranthaea, the Dean of the University
  • Mhorighan, Magical Arts & Sciences Department Head
  • Pommie, Biological Sciences Department Head
  • Lestuu, General Studies Department Head
  • Macharren, Engineering Department Head
  • Sangnoir, History & Archaeology Department Head

University News


Blizzard Watch

by Pommie Tappet, 269 days ago

Our guild now has its own prominent posting on Blizzard Watch!


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Congratulations Lestuu!

by Jazi Amberstill, 340 days ago

Congratulations to our own Lestuu for placing 2nd in the Tournament of Strength Jousting contest.


For even more about the event go here.

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Stormwind University's Fel Arts Program 1st Class Unveiled

by Jazi Amberstill, 345 days ago

The Fel Arts Program is off and running. Read all about the inaugural class here.

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Stormwind University Winter Veil Ball

by Jazi Amberstill, 347 days ago

Our Winter Veil Ball was a success. Highlights from the evening can be seen here.

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Ambassadorial Education Tour: Ironforge

by Jazi Amberstill, 347 days ago

The second of the University's Ambassadorial Education Tours happened the first Sunday of December.

Guest Speakers Included our own Ghaoithe Loinsigh and Dr. Pommie Tappet.

Highlights can be found Here.


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New Department Heads for the University.

by Jazi Amberstill, 347 days ago

The University has three new department heads. Congratulations to Mhorighan Meadows, Dunnedin Stratford, and Jazimina Amberstill.  Read all about it Here.

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Stormwind University Re-Accreditation

by Jazi Amberstill, 347 days ago

The University has been re-accreditated by the Eastern Kingdoms Association of Colleges and Schools (EKACS).

See the details Here

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Story Contest - May Winners and June Prompt!

by Suzanna Marris, 556 days ago

Congratulations to the winners of May's story contest!

First place - Tiniestra

Second place - Amaranthaea

Third place (tie) - Sangnoir and Nivy


June's story contest prompt and rules are now up!  Read and post your story today! 

June's Story Contest

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May Story Contest Extended!

by Suzanna Marris, 564 days ago

Too allow those still interested in entering the time to finish their stories, we're extending the deadline for the story contest to Tuesday, May 26th.  There's still time to enter, so get cracking!  :-)

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New Stormwind U. "Mini-Events"!

by Suzanna Marris, 580 days ago

Large scale RP events, and complex storylines are incredibly fun, and officers and members are right now hard at work putting them together!  Small RP events are full too, however, and we'll be introducing little "Mini-Events" over the next few weeks!  These events are open to all, and open ended, so you have the opportunity to come and help build the story with us!

Here are two upcoming "Mini-Events".  If you have an idea for another, please talk to an officer and we can help you get it going!

Academic Integrity Panel - Saturday, May 9th at 7pm server  - A student has been caught cheating!  Convene with your fellow faculty to hear the story, and determine what will be done with this student.

Accreditation Visit - Saturday, May 16th at 7pm server - It's time for the Biological Sciences department to renew its formal accreditation!  An inspector is coming to speak with the department head and review the school as a whole.  Come help Dr. Pommie Tappet defend her program and Stormwind University so we get a positive review!

Hope you can join us!  :-)

- Suzanna


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